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This year I will be attending my first designers conference, Flash on the Beach (FOTB) in Brighton, UK. It was something I had been thinking about for a while & after hearing everyone’s excitement whilst attending this year’s OFFF in Barcelona I thought what the heck, it’s about time I attended one.

I’m not really sure what to expect…

There’s an abundance of conferences out there, enough to make your head spin; SXSW, OFFFdConstruct & Build to name just a few, not to mention it would cost a small fortune if you tried to attend them all.

I decided to look in to FOTB after hearing James White would be speaking (if you’ve ever seen his weekly SNBC show you’ll understand why), & that FOTB would take place in Brighton, UK giving me the opportunity to catch up with my old friend Paul Lloyd who I went to university with was an added bonus.

I’m mainly hoping to learn some new things, meet some interesting people & most of all have a bit of fun whilst doing it. The line up certainly has some draw with some of the top people in the industry from all around the globe.

Me - Rise of the Monkey aka Simon Edwards

Me - Rise of the Monkey aka Simon Edwards (unfortunately my monkey friend can't attend) but still come on over & say Hi!

So if you are attending FOTB I hope to see you there, pop on over & say Hi I’m always keen for a chat.

 Check out some of the people I’m most looking forward to seeing at FOTB.

James White - Signalnoise

I have been a follower of James White aka Signalnoise via his twitter feed & his weekly SNBC show, when I learned James would be making the trip to the UK to speak at this years FOTB it was just to much of an opportunity to miss, seeing someone talk so passionately about the work they do & one of the main reasosns I decided to attend this years FOTB.


Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman is a leading illustrator based in Nottingham, UK. His clever doodles have gained him some top clients including: Levis, Adidas, Pepsi & Miss Sixty.


Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis

Former pro skater Joshua Davis builds his own Flash-based programs to create intricate abstarct illustrations (that you just wouldn’t be able to do manually) for a variety of clients.

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische

American letterer, illustrator, & self-described “avid internetter” Jessica Hische is probably best known for her intricate work with illustrated type.

Bradley G Munkowitz aka GMUNK

Bradley G Munkowitz aka GMUNK

Bradley G Munkowitz aka GMUNK has worked on a whole host of  motion graphics including most recently TRON:Legacy. Although motion graphics isn’t an area I work in myself, but I will be interested in hearing how he approaches his projects.

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  1. Cool design. Did you make this site yourself?

    • Thanks. The main site I built and coded my self, but the blog section is based on WordPress with a few hacks.

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