As the big day has finally past I can now show you the stationery I did for my little sister’s Wedding.

Original sketch

I generally try & work bigger than needed and scale it down once I’ve moved onto the digital stage, I find it’s a lot easier to get the detail in that way especially if the final piece is going to be quite small.

Sketch vectored up in Illustrator CS5

For some reason when vectoring I like to work in magenta, I just find it easier to see what I’m doing.

Final Artwork

I coloured the final  artwork in Photoshop CS5, the green of the stems was matched to the Bridesmaid dresses and room decorations to tie it all together.

Simon Edwards

AKA Rise of the Monkey is an independent Illustrator & Graphic Designer based in the North West of England with a passion for Print, Illustration & Vinyl Toys.