I was lucky enough to attend this years conference in sunny Brighton at the beginning of Brighton with my colleagues Paul Hart (@paulhartdesign) & Austin McCormick (@thatdesignboy).

I’ll never have a blog

Fabio Sasso – Abduzeedo

I’ll not be going in to a breakdown of what all the speakers talked about (you should have come). But I will thoroughly recommend going to a conference if you get the opportunity reasons.to is great & 3 days for only a couple of hundred quid it’s one of the best value events you can go to (I may be slightly biased it is my 3rd year of going). But if you can’t make it to Brighton have a look around, there are loads of different events/conferences right across the UK.

Going to an event/conference is a great opportunity to see what went into someone’s work, you also get to see it from their perspective. Royal Bandit were commissioned for this years opening titles, and their talk was a great way to see their lo-fi/handcrafted approach to creating their complex looking work.

The word for work is play

Julien Vallée – Royal Bandit

You really get to see the personality behind the work, there can be a lot of playfulness to the creative process.

If you can’t be good be different

Jon Burgerman

Try and think differently about the design process, communicate, ask questions (the right questions), you’re trying to solve a problem.

Design is problem solving

Aaron Gustafson

And share what you know, if you share with others they’ll share with you, you never know when you’ll get stuck & need someone to help you out.

Share what you know

Brad Frost & Fabio Sasso – Abduzeedo

There was a great selection of speakers from right across the creative industry (for a full list of speakers check out the reasons.to website) I was enticed to see these lot (click their pictures to visit their site) & I wasn’t disappointed. If you get the chance to go to a conference or even an evening talk go, you never know what you might learn!

Simon Edwards

AKA Rise of the Monkey is an independent Illustrator & Graphic Designer based in the North West of England with a passion for Print, Illustration & Vinyl Toys.