Creaturebox is the brainchild of Dave Guertin & Greg Baldwin, they put the fun into creating monsters, robots & anything else your imagination can or maybe can’t think of.

I’ve been a big fan of there’s ever since I discovered they were part of the creative force behind Ratchet & Clank one of my all-time favourite video games.

There book The Monster Volume covering the last 5 years of Creaturebox work, recently landed on my doorstep, it’s all kinds of awesome & I thought the least I could do as thanks was a little blog post featuring some of there work (if you somehow missed the Kickstarter project there’s a waiting list for the book here).

Check out there website and keep up to date with them via social media.

Simon Edwards

AKA Rise of the Monkey is an independent Illustrator & Graphic Designer based in the North West of England with a passion for Print, Illustration & Vinyl Toys.